Top 3 Cat Birthday Cake for Your Feline Friend

cat birthday cake

Imagine baking a purrfect cat-themed birthday cake for your favorite furry friend. With fluffy fondant fur, pointy ears, a swirly tail, and mischievous eyes, you can create a delightful feline confection. Decorate it with edible paw prints, licorice whiskers, and a birthday candle shaped like their favorite toy or treat. Whether you’re celebrating a human cat lover or an actual cat’s birthday, this fun cake is sure to be the cat’s meow!

cat birthday cake
cat birthday cake

Crafting the Purrfect Cat-Shaped Cake

Gather Your Supplies

For this cake, you’ll need some basic baking and decorating tools:

  • Two 9-inch round cake pans
  • Cake mix or ingredients to make your favorite flavor of cake
  • Frosting in gray, orange and white to create the cat’s fur
  • Fondant or modeling chocolate to make the cat’s facial features
  • Candy melts to make the cat’s eyes
  • Licorice strings for the whiskers
  • Decorating tools like piping bags, spatulas, and paintbrushes

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to bake the cake. Let the cakes cool completely before assembling and frosting.

Create the Cat Shape

To form the oval cat shape, trim one of the cake rounds so that it’s slightly tapered at one end. Place the trimmed cake on top of the untrimmed round, offsetting it slightly. Frost the entire cake with gray frosting for the base coat.

Add Facial Features

Roll out pieces of orange and white fondant to make the inner ears, muzzle, and facial markings. Shape candy melts into oval eyes. Attach the fondant pieces and eyes with a bit of water or melted candy. Use licorice strings to make whiskers.

Add Decorative Touches

Use frosting in different shades of gray and orange to add layers of fur over the base coat. Make paw prints with frosting in white or a lighter shade of gray. You can also add fondant details like a bow tie or collar.

With some time and patience, you’ll craft a cat-themed birthday cake that looks purrfect for your feline friend or favorite cat lover. Meow! Let the birthday celebrations begin.

cat birthday cake
cat birthday cake

Decorating Your Cat Birthday Cake With Fondant Features

To give your cat birthday cake a realistic feline appearance, decorating it with fondant features is a purrfect idea! Fondant is a pliable icing made of sugar, water and gelatin that can be rolled out and shaped.


Roll out gray fondant 1/4-inch thick. Use cat ear shaped cookie cutters or templates to cut out two ears. Attach the ears to the top of the cake with a dab of water or melted candy melts. Shape and position the ears to look natural.


Roll small balls of white fondant and flatten into oval shapes. Place the white fondant ovals onto the cake to form the eyes. Roll two smaller black fondant balls for the pupils and two tiny white balls for highlights. Attach with water or candy melts.


Roll a pink fondant ball into an upside down teardrop shape. Attach with water or candy melts to form the nose.


Use licorice strings or piped icing to add whiskers. Carefully insert into the cake around the nose and upper lip area.

Optional: Tail, paws, collar

For an extra realistic look, add additional features like:

  • A swirly fondant tail.
  • Fondant paws placed around the base of the cake.
  • A fondant collar with tiny bell around the neck.

With some time and patience, you can create an incredibly lifelike cat cake using fondant decorations. Your feline friend will surely appreciate all the effort you put into making their purrfect birthday cake! Let your creativity go wild and have fun with it.

Fun Feline-Inspired Candle Options

For the cat lover in your life, feline-themed candles make a purr-fect gift. Paw-shaped candles in shades of orange, black and white are always a classic choice.

Tuna Scented

Does your cat go crazy for tuna? Scented candles in tuna flavors will make any cat-themed birthday celebration complete. The tuna aroma is sure to capture the attention of felines and their owners alike!

Catnip Scented

The herb catnip has an intoxicating effect on most cats. Catnip-scented candles, with hints of mint and lemon, will drive kitties wild and give cat lovers a good laugh. Place the candles out of your cat’s reach to avoid chaos!

Custom Candles

For a truly memorable gift, consider custom candles in the shape of your friend’s cat. Many candle makers offer custom candle services where you can provide photos to have a candle molded in the shape of your favorite feline. Nothing says “happy birthday” quite like a candle in the spitting image of Whiskers or Garfield!

Feline Print Candles

Simple white or cream candles embossed with whimsical cat prints and patterns are tasteful yet festive. Look for candles featuring prints of paw prints, fish bones, balls of yarn or cat silhouettes. Pair several patterned candles together for a stylish cat-themed centerpiece.

No matter which feline-inspired candles you choose, they are sure to make any cat lover’s birthday celebration purr-fectly memorable. Place the candles on a cat-themed cake or cupcakes for the ultimate cat birthday surprise! Your feline-loving friend will appreciate all the thought and care you put into making their special day as fun and whimsical as possible.

cat birthday cake
cat birthday cake

Adding Edible Accents and Details

To make your cat birthday cake even more purr-fect, consider adding some edible accents and decorations. These extra touches will delight any cat lover and bring your cake to the next level.

You can never have too many sprinkle-on decorations when it comes to a fun birthday cake! Add edible glitter, sprinkles, or dragees in shades of silver, gold, and pastel colors like pink or light blue. Tiny candy pearls also make a great topping and come in a variety of metallic hues. For a classic birthday cake look, you can’t go wrong with rainbow sprinkles.

Press small candies or chocolates into the sides of the cake to create paw prints. Gummy fish, mice, or balls of yarn are playful options. You can also use rolled fondant to cut out shapes like fishbones, feathers, or cat toys to place on top.

To make your cake interactive, add pieces of licorice string or gummy worms for whiskers. You can also stick birthday candles into the cake at an angle to look like the cat is blowing out the flames.

For the final flourish, top your cake with a personalized birthday message or greeting using edible ink or icing. You might pipe “Happy Birthday” or “Purrs and Head Bumps” onto the cake board or plaque surrounding the cake.

With some creativity, you can elevate a simple cat-shaped cake into a masterpiece using edible decorations. Your feline friend or the cat lover in your life will surely appreciate all the personal touches and tiny details in their purr-fect birthday treat! Adding edible accents and decorations is a great way to make any cake theme more fun and festive.

cat birthday cake
cat birthday cake

Throwing a Meow-Velous Party With a Cat Birthday Cake

To make your feline friend’s birthday extra special, a cat-themed cake is a must! A custom cake in the shape of a cat, decorated with gray and orange fondant fur and other cat-inspired accents, will delight any cat lover.

When planning the party, consider including cat toys, like feather wands or laser pointers, as party favors. You can never have too many catnip mice or crinkle balls! Play some classic cat songs to set the mood, such as ‘What’s New Pussycat’ by Tom Jones or ‘Stray Cat Strut’ by The Stray Cats.

For activities, set up stations where guests can make cat crafts like origami cats, decorate cat-shaped sugar cookies or cupcakes, or put together cat puzzles. You could also do a ‘pin the tail on the cat’ game. Provide supplies for guests to make cat ears or whiskers to wear during the party.

Decorate using cat balloons, streamers, banners, and confetti. Cut out cat shapes from colored paper to make garlands or stickers. Use double-sided tape to attach cat toys, brushes, and other feline accessories to walls and tables. Place fresh catnip around the party area so your cat and their guests can roll around in it!

Most importantly, give your cat extra love and attention on their special day. Take lots of pictures with the cake and share with friends and family on social media. Your cat may not fully understand the party is for them, but they’ll surely appreciate all the extra pampering!

With some creativity, you can throw an amazing cat birthday bash. Focus on including interactive elements, lots of cat decorations and theming, and ways for your cat to engage with guests. Most of all, celebrate the joy and laughter a cat can bring to our lives. Your feline friend is sure to feel the love on their birthday!


You know that feeling you get when you see those big, beautiful kitty cat eyes light up with delight? That’s the reaction you’ll get when you present this purrfect cat birthday cake to your favorite feline friend or cat lover. With its fluffy fur, cute paw prints, and playful decorations, it’s a unique cake that shows how much their friendship means to you. So put on your chef’s hat, roll up your sleeves, and bake up a birthday surprise that will have them meowing for more!

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