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Elevated Dog Bed

You come home after a long day and see your pup curled up uncomfortably on the cold floor. Your heart melts – they deserve so much better! Now imagine walking through the door and seeing your fur baby catching some serious Z’s on their stylish new elevated dog bed. With a cozy cushion and airy design, this bed offers premium comfort and support for your four-legged friend. At only $49.99, treating your pup to this little luxury is a no-brainer. Keep reading to learn why customers are raving about this elevated doggie oasis and how you can snag one for your pooch today!

Elevated Dog Bed
Elevated Dog Bed

Why Choose an Elevated Dog Bed?

An elevated dog bed, like this offering from Eshoping, provides several benefits for your pup. The raised design helps take the pressure off their joints, which is especially helpful for senior dogs or those with arthritis or other mobility issues. The elevation also allows for better air circulation, keeping your dog cooler in warm weather.

Support and Comfort

The supportive mesh or fabric base gives your dog a solid platform to rest on, while the padded cushioning offers an extra cozy spot to curl up. For dogs with joint pain or arthritis, an elevated bed can make it easier to get in and out of, providing much-needed relief and support for their limbs and paws. The height also makes it simpler for them to fully stretch out in comfort.

Temperature Regulation

The increased airflow under and around an elevated bed helps prevent overheating, even on warm days. The breathable mesh or fabric allows heat to dissipate, while still insulating against cold floors. For long or thick-coated breeds, this temperature regulation can make a big difference in their comfort. No more lying on the hard floor trying to get cool!

Easy Cleaning

Elevated dog beds are also very easy to clean since there are fewer areas for dirt, dander and odors to build up. You can simply wipe down the base and spot-clean any stains on the cushion. For a deeper clean, the cushion cover can be machine washed. This makes elevated beds ideal if your pup tends to get messy or smelly at times!

An elevated dog bed like this provides extra comfort and support for your faithful friend while complementing your home’s decor. Give your pup the gift of peaceful slumber on a stylish bed that’s gentle on their joints and paws. Their restful sleep and rejuvenated spirit will bring you both joy for years to come.

Key Features of Our Elevated Dog Bed

Our elevated dog bed provides maximum comfort for your pup while complementing your home’s decor. Here are some of the key features that make this bed a must-have for any dog owner:

Breathable Mesh Cot

The bed’s mesh cot allows for plenty of airflow so your dog stays cool and comfortable. The mesh is also resistant to odors and stains, making it easy to wipe clean. The cot is made of a durable steel frame that can support dogs up to 150 pounds.

Plush Fleece Cushion

While the mesh cot provides support, the plush fleece cushion gives your dog a soft place to rest their head. The cushion is made of a durable polyester fleece that is fade-resistant and machine washable. Simply toss it in the washing machine for an easy clean.

Raised Design

The bed’s raised design helps eliminate pressure points and joint pain in older dogs or those with orthopedic issues. It also allows for better circulation, keeping your dog at an ideal temperature. The raised platform protects from drafts, cold floors, and summer heat.

Stylish and Decor Friendly

With a simple yet stylish design, this bed complements any home decor. The sleek black powder-coated steel frame and neutral fleece cushion work well with a variety of styles. The bed’s petite size also makes it ideal for small spaces.

Portable and Foldable

When not in use, the bed can be quickly folded up for storage or transport. The lightweight yet durable design makes it easy to move from room to room or take with you when traveling with your dog. Simply unfold and you’re ready to provide your pup a comfy place to lounge.

This elevated dog bed provides the perfect combination of comfort, support and style for your faithful companion. Treat your pup to the rest they deserve with a bed that suits all their needs.

Elevated Dog Bed
Elevated Dog Bed

The Benefits of an Elevated Dog Bed

An elevated dog bed provides many advantages for your pup’s health, comfort and your home decor.

Better Air Circulation

The raised platform allows air to flow under your dog while they sleep, keeping them cooler in warm weather. In the summer, the ventilated mesh fabric wicks away moisture and prevents overheating. The breathable material is ideal for dogs with thicker coats.

Relief from Joint Pain

The elevated surface gives much needed support for aging dogs or those with joint issues like arthritis or hip dysplasia. The bed relieves pressure points and provides an orthopedic effect, allowing for a deeper, more restorative sleep. The sturdy yet gentle support may even help improve your dog’s mobility and activity levels during the day.

Stylish and Decor Friendly

With a sleek yet simple design, an elevated dog bed blends seamlessly into your home decor. The minimalist style complements a variety of furniture and color palettes. Unlike a bulky pet bed, it won’t be an eyesore in your living room or bedroom. You can choose from a range of tasteful and neutral color options to match your space.

Easy to Clean

The breathable mesh base allows for air flow and also makes the bed very easy to wipe clean. Simply vacuum underneath and around the bed regularly to remove dirt and debris. For a deeper clean, you can hose it off outside and let it air dry. The raised platform prevents the accumulation of odors by not allowing moisture to pool underneath. Your dog will appreciate a clean, fresh-smelling bed and so will you!

An elevated dog bed offers comfort and health benefits for your faithful companion while enhancing your home decor. For the ultimate in comfort and style, treat your pup to an elevated bed and watch them drift into a peaceful slumber.

Elevated Dog Bed
Elevated Dog Bed

Stylish Designs to Match Your Home

When it comes to your home decor, you want everything to flow together in harmony. An elevated dog bed is no exception. These beds come in a variety of styles to complement any decor theme.

For a modern, minimalist look, choose a bed with a simple platform design and neutral-colored cushion. The sleek silhouette and earthy tones blend right into contemporary spaces. If your style is more traditional, look for a bed with curved legs, richer wood stains and upholstery accents like tufted cushions or nailhead trim.

For bohemian or eclectic spaces, an elevated bed with rattan or wicker detailing on the base and brightly-colored cushions may suit your funky taste. There are also beds with metal frames in antique bronze or pewter finishes for an industrial vibe. Whatever your interior design preferences, there’s an elevated dog bed to match.

Size and Shape Options

Elevated beds come in a range of sizes to suit any breed of dog. Small beds are ideal for puppies or toy breeds, medium suits dogs up to 50 pounds, large for breeds over 50 pounds, and extra-large for bigger breeds. Some beds also come in unique shapes like circles, ovals or orthopedic nesting beds.

Consider your dog’s size, age, mobility and any joint issues when choosing a bed size and shape. An orthopedic or nesting bed may provide more support for senior dogs or those with arthritis or hip dysplasia. For chewers or scratchers, a bed with rounded corners and a durable, chew-resistant fabric is best.

An elevated dog bed can make a stylish addition to your living space while providing comfort for your pup. With options to suit any home decor and dog, you’ll enjoy the design as much as your dog enjoys the comfort and support. Treat your faithful friend to an elevated bed and make their naptime a stylish one.

Elevated Dog Bed
Elevated Dog Bed

Frequently Asked Questions About Elevated Dog Beds

So you’ve decided to elevate your pup’s comfort and style with an elevated dog bed. Great choice! Before you make your purchase, here are some commonly asked questions to help you pick the perfect bed for your pooch.

What are the benefits of an elevated dog bed?

An elevated bed provides many benefits for your dog. The raised platform allows for increased air flow which helps keep your dog cool in warm weather. It can also help relieve pressure points, which is ideal for older dogs or those with joint issues. The elevation deters some insects like fleas. And of course, the stylish design will complement your home decor.

What size should I get?

You’ll want to choose a size that allows your dog to fully stretch out. Measure your dog from nose to tail and choose a bed at least 2 to 3 inches longer. For nesting or burrowing dogs, size up for maximum coziness. The bed should be wide enough for your dog to lie flat on its side with legs extended. It’s best to size up, especially for deep-chested or large breeds.

Are elevated beds easy to clean?

Yes, elevated dog beds are very easy to clean. The raised platform allows you to easily vacuum up dirt and hair. The bed covers and cushions are typically machine washable. Some are even water resistant. For any accidents, the elevation also prevents liquids from pooling. Regular cleaning and wiping down will keep the bed freshened up between washes.

Are elevated beds good for senior dogs?

Elevated dog beds can be very beneficial for senior dogs or those with joint issues like arthritis. The raised orthopedic bed helps take pressure off joints, allowing for a comfortable rest. The elevation makes it easier for older dogs to get on and off the bed. Cooling elevated beds, in particular, help keep senior dogs at an ideal temperature. With the proper size and support, an elevated bed can make a great option for aging or mobility-impaired dogs.

Some highly rated elevated dog bed brands are Kuranda, Coolaroo, and K&H Pet Products. These brands offer high quality, orthopedic and cooling elevated beds at affordable prices. They have a variety of styles to suit any home decor and options for all dog sizes. For the best value, you can’t go wrong with any of these reputable brands.


You’d be surprised how much joy a simple dog bed can bring into your home. Not only will it keep your pup comfy and content, but it can also complement your home decor. So do yourself and your furry friend a favor and treat them to this elevated dog bed that blends cozy comfort and sophisticated style. At this price point, you really can’t put a value on the daily delight it will bring to you both. Go ahead, spoil your pooch a little – their unconditional love deserves nothing less.

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