Best Cat Boarding Kennels: Tips for Choosing the Perfect One

cat boarding kennels

Have you ever felt nervous about leaving your feline friend behind while you take a trip or need to be away? Finding the perfect cat boarding kennel to care for your cat can certainly ease those worries. In this article, I’ll provide my top tips to help you make the right choice. From checking credentials and reading reviews to understanding costs and policies, I’ll cover everything you need to consider when selecting a facility you can trust. My goal is to guide you through the process so you can find a kennel that aligns with your cat’s needs and your own peace of mind. Read on for advice from a fellow cat owner on choosing a five-star cat boarding experience.

Top Factors for Choosing a Cat Boarding Kennel

cat boarding
cat boarding

When leaving your feline friend for any length of time, finding a reputable cat boarding kennel is essential for their health, safety and well-being. There are several key things to consider when selecting a facility to ensure it’s the perfect place for your cat.

First, get recommendations from other cat owners you know and trust, like friends or your vet. Check online reviews to see what other people say about the kennels you’re interested in. Arrange a visit to your top choices so you can see the conditions firsthand. Look for clean, spacious quarters with everything a cat needs to be comfortable like soft bedding, scratching posts, toys and privacy areas.

Talk to the staff about their experience and training in handling cats. They should be knowledgeable, caring and able to properly care for your cat’s needs. Make sure they follow strict health and safety procedures like requiring vaccinations and checkups. Discuss your cat’s diet and any medications they need to ensure the kennel can provide for them.

Inquire about how much interaction and playtime the cats receive daily. Some places have designated play areas and offer one-on-one play. Check that the kennel has emergency plans in place, access to vet care and your contact info. Consider how well they control odors and properly dispose of waste.

Compare the kennel’s rates and policies to find one that offers good value. You’ll want to book in advance, especially for holidays. It may help to do a short trial stay first so your cat can get used to it and you feel more at ease leaving them for a longer time.

By considering these essential factors, you can find a cat boarding kennel where your feline companion will be happy, well-cared for and awaiting your return. Their health, safety and comfort should be the top priorities when choosing a place to board your cat.

Visiting Cat Boarding Facilities: What to Look For

cat boarding kennels
cat boarding kennels

When visiting potential cat boarding kennels, pay close attention to the details. As you tour each facility, look for signs that show they prioritize your cat’s health, safety, and comfort.

Check the living areas where your cat will stay. Look for spaces that are secure, hygienic, and provide hiding spots or perches for your feline to retreat if they feel stressed. The kennel should require up-to-date vaccinations and vet checks for all boarders to prevent the spread of illness. They should also follow strict sanitation protocols, like frequent waste removal and odor control.

Meet some of the staff and inquire about their experience caring for cats. Compassionate employees who are knowledgeable about handling cats of different temperaments will help put you at ease. Ask how much daily interaction and playtime they provide for the cats in their care. Some top-notch kennels offer opportunities for one-on-one play and bonding with the staff.

Discuss your cat’s needs to ensure the kennel can properly accommodate them. Provide details about your cat’s regular diet, medications, or any medical conditions they may have. The kennel should be able to continue any needed treatments to keep your cat comfortable during their stay.

Check what amenities are provided to keep cats stimulated, like scratching posts, toys, and comfortable bedding. Private spaces for your cat to nap undisturbed are ideal. An area for cats to get exercise or play is a bonus.

Don’t forget to understand the kennel’s reservation and cancellation policy, as well as their fees before booking. Ask if they offer any trial or short stays so you can see how your cat adjusts to the new environment before a longer visit.

By keeping a close eye out for these important details, you’ll find a cat boarding kennel where you can feel confident your beloved feline companion will be well cared for when you’re away. With the perfect facility and staff, you’ll both have an easy time during your cat’s stay.

Staff and Services: Finding the Best Cat Care

Choosing a cat boarding kennel means ensuring your feline companion will receive the best care and attention. Pay close attention to the staff and services offered to determine if the facility prioritizes your cat’s wellbeing.

Qualified Staff

Seek out a kennel with experienced staff properly trained in handling cats. Ask about the staff’s credentials and experience. Compassionate, knowledgeable staff will keep your cat comfortable, safe and stress-free. Inquire whether staff are trained to detect signs of illness or distress in cats.

Medical Care

A reputable kennel should require up-to-date vaccinations and vet checkups for all boarded cats. They should also have a relationship with a licensed vet in case of emergencies. Check that the kennel properly isolates any sick animals to avoid contagion. Inquire about their emergency protocols and how they would handle any medical issues with your cat. Provide the kennel with your vet’s contact details in case of emergencies.

Playtime and Interaction

Seek out a kennel promoting frequent interaction and play. Daily playtime and affection are essential for any cat. Ask about opportunities for one-on-one play and how much time staff spends engaging with each cat. Kennels with designated cat play areas are ideal. Multiple short interactions throughout the day will keep your cat stimulated.


Inspect the cat living quarters to ensure clean, spacious and secure housing. Check for comfortable bedding, scratching posts, toys and hiding spots. Private spaces allow cats to retreat if overstimulated. Proper ventilation, temperature control and odor control are must-haves.

Consider the kennel’s amenities, services and staff to find one providing your cat the best care and keeping them happy as can be while you’re away. With the ideal kennel and staff, you’ll feel at ease knowing your cat’s needs are prioritized.

Ensuring Health, Safety and Comfort at Cat Boarding

When leaving your feline friend at a boarding kennel, their health, safety, and comfort should be top priorities. As you visit facilities, inspect the living quarters to ensure they are secure, hygienic enclosures that provide a cozy place for your cat to eat, sleep, and play. Kennels that require up-to-date vaccinations and vet checkups help minimize health risks for all guests.

Cleanliness and Odor Control

A clean kennel is essential for health and comfort. Check that the staff follows strict protocols for waste disposal, sanitation, and odor control. Your cat will appreciate fresh bedding, litter boxes, food bowls, and any toys provided. Kennels with private spaces allow cats to take a break from stimulation.

Interaction and Play

Cats are social creatures and need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and behavioral issues. Inquire about the amount and type of interaction each cat receives, such as play sessions, brushing or one-on-one cuddles. Some kennels have designated cat playrooms or take cats outside on harnesses and leashes for extra enrichment.

Feeding and Medication

Discuss your cat’s specific dietary needs to ensure the kennel can properly feed them. Provide details on types of food, amounts, and feeding schedules. If your cat requires any medication, confirm that the staff is experienced in properly administering it. Some kennels allow you to provide your cat’s own food to minimize tummy troubles from a sudden change.

Emergency Planning

Ensure the kennel has emergency plans in place with access to vet care for any medical issues. Provide your contact information and your vet’s details in case of emergencies. Some kennels have vets on staff or call, which can provide extra peace of mind.

By thoroughly assessing a cat boarding kennel according to health, safety, interaction, and comfort factors, you can find a facility where your feline companion will feel right at home. A trial stay is also a great way for you both to get accustomed to the kennel environment before a longer booking. With the right kennel and staff, you can go away feeling confident your cat is in caring hands.

FAQs About Cat Boarding: Your Top Questions Answered

Have questions about boarding your feline friend? We have the answers.

How do I prepare my cat for boarding?

To make the experience as stress-free as possible for your cat, do the following:

• Make sure your cat’s vaccinations are up to date and provide records to the boarding kennel. • Have your vet examine your cat before boarding to ensure they are in good health. • Pack familiar items like toys, bedding, food bowls, and scratching posts to make their temporary home more comfortable. • Stick to your cat’s normal feeding and medication schedule as much as possible. Provide detailed instructions to the kennel staff. • Give your cat extra love and playtime before dropping them off. The more comfortable they are, the easier the adjustment will be.

How often will someone check on and interact with my cat?

Most reputable boarding kennels have staff on-site 24 hours a day to monitor the cats. They will check on each cat at least 2-3 times per day to feed them, clean litter boxes, and give fresh food/water. Many facilities also offer one-on-one playtime and cuddle sessions upon request. Be sure to inquire about the kennel’s interaction policy. The more interaction and stimulation, the less bored and anxious your cat will feel.

What if my cat has medical issues or needs medication?

Don’t worry, many boarding kennels are accustomed to providing medication and minor medical care for cats with chronic conditions or illnesses. Have an in-depth discussion with the kennel staff regarding your cat’s medical needs prior to boarding. Provide details on their condition, medication names/dosages, treatment schedules, and your vet’s contact information. The kennel should keep a log to record when medications and treatments were administered. Some kennels have veterinary staff on-call or a partnership with a local vet clinic in case of emergencies.

How can I check on my cat during their stay?

Most kennels welcome and encourage owners to call and check on their cat. Some facilities may allow you to set up a webcam in your cat’s space so you can video chat or stream live footage. If permitted, you can also schedule visits to drop by to see and spend time with your cat in person. Frequent check-ins and interaction can help alleviate separation anxiety in both you and your cat!

By finding answers to your questions, choosing a reputable kennel, and taking proper precautions, you can feel at ease leaving your feline in capable hands. Your cat will appreciate your thoughtfulness in ensuring their comfort and wellbeing. Have a safe trip!


Taking the time to find the perfect cat boarding kennel for your feline companion will give you peace of mind that they are receiving attentive care in your absence. Visit facilities in advance, ask questions about protocols and amenities, and don’t hesitate to request a trial stay. As you compare options, keep your cat’s unique needs and personality front of mind – the right match is essential. When you find a boarding kennel that checks every box, from cleanliness to qualifed staff to ample playtime, you can travel worry-free knowing your cat is happy, healthy, and waiting for your return.

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