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authority dog food

You know your dog better than anyone else – their little quirks, their favorite toys, the spot they love to be scratched. So when it comes to choosing an authority dog food that will keep them happy and healthy, you want to make sure you’ve done your homework. What should you look for? Let’s break it down step-by-step so you can navigate the pet food aisle like a pro. We’ll explore everything from reading labels to understanding ingredients to finding the best food for your best furry friend. Time for you to become the authority on authority dog food!

What Is Authority Dog Food?

authority dog food
authority dog food

Authority dog food is a premium brand of dog kibble and wet food produced by PetSmart. It aims to provide complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all life stages, sizes, and activity levels. Authority dog food is made with natural, high-quality ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO.

Authority offers a range of dog food formulas to suit different needs. For puppies, there are puppy-specific formulas for large breed puppies and small breed puppies with smaller kibble sizes and tailored nutrition for their growth needs. For adult dogs, there are options for weight management, sensitive skin and stomach, high protein, and more. Senior and mature dogs can benefit from formulas with glucosamine for joint health and lower calories.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which Authority dog food is right for your dog. The most important things to consider are:

  • Your dog’s age, size, and activity level. More active or larger breed dogs may need higher protein and calorie amounts.
  • Any health conditions or sensitivities your dog may have. Authority offers limited ingredient, grain-free, and sensitive skin and stomach formulas for dogs with allergies or intolerances.
  • The main ingredients. Look for a formula where a real meat like chicken, beef, or fish is the first ingredient. Avoid artificial additives, byproducts, and fillers.
  • The guaranteed analysis. Ensure the food meets AAFCO standards for your dog’s life stage and size. The ideal protein and fat percentages will depend on your dog’s unique needs.
  • Recommendations from your vet. For any medical conditions, always follow the diet your vet recommends. They can suggest an Authority formula that will benefit your dog’s health.

By considering these factors and Authority’s range of high-quality formulas, you can choose a dog food that provides complete nutrition tailored to your dog’s needs. Authority aims to give your dog a healthy, happy life full of tail wags and playful moments.

Choosing the Right Authority Dog Food for Your Dog’s Needs

authority dog food
authority dog food

As a caring dog owner, you want to provide your furry friend with the best nutrition possible. Choosing an high-quality dog food that meets your dog’s unique needs is one of the most important decisions you’ll make to support their health and happiness.

When selecting dog food, consider your dog’s age, size, and activity level. Puppies, adults and seniors have different nutritional requirements. Large or small breeds also have specific needs. High-energy dogs may need more protein and calories. For less active dogs, choose a formula with controlled calories to avoid weight gain.

Inspect the ingredient list for quality, recognizable ingredients. Look for named meat sources like chicken, beef or fish as the first ingredient. Avoid fillers, byproducts and artificial additives. Check that the food meets AAFCO standards for nutritional completeness and balance.

For dogs with health issues or allergies, a limited-ingredient, grain-free or prescription diet may be best. Consult your vet for recommendations. They can suggest a dog food tailored to your dog’s unique condition and needs.

Reputable brands are a good place to start your search. Do some research to find brands known for producing high-quality, nutritious dog food. Check reviews from independent sources.

When switching foods, do so gradually over 7 to 10 days. This helps avoid digestive upset.

While cost is a factor in your decision, prioritize nutrition over price. High-quality dog food can contribute to your dog’s long-term health, potentially reducing vet costs.

By considering your dog’s needs and the quality of various dog food options, you can choose an authority dog food that will satisfy your dog in every way. Their good health and happiness is well worth the effort.

Top Ingredients to Look for in Authority Dog Foods

When evaluating Authority dog food, check the ingredients list for high-quality, natural ingredients. Some of the best ingredients to look for include:

Whole Meat Sources

Look for specific meat sources like chicken, beef, fish or lamb listed as one of the first few ingredients. ‘Meat meal’ or byproducts are lower-quality. Whole meats provide essential amino acids, protein, and nutrients your dog needs.

Healthy Grains

Grains like oatmeal, brown rice and barley are natural sources of fiber, B vitamins and other nutrients. For some dogs, grain-free diets are best, so consider your dog’s needs.

Healthy Fats

Fats provide energy and aid absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Look for named fat sources like chicken fat or flaxseed oil. Avoid generic ‘animal fat’.

Vegetables and Fruits

Produce like carrots, peas, apples and berries are excellent sources of nutrients, antioxidants and natural preservatives. They add moisture, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Limited Fillers

Avoid excessive plant proteins (corn gluten meal), and fillers (corn, wheat middlings, soybean hulls). While these provide fiber and plant-based protein, they offer fewer nutrients than whole foods.

Natural Preservatives

Look for natural preservatives like mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which naturally keep food fresh, rather than artificial preservatives like BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin.

Essential Nutrients

Check that key nutrients like protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals meet minimum requirements for your dog’s stage of life according to AAFCO guidelines. This helps ensure complete and balanced nutrition.

By choosing an Authority dog food with high-quality, natural ingredients and the proper balance of nutrients, you’ll be providing your dog with the nutrition they need to live a long, healthy and happy life.

Making the Switch to an Authority Dog Food Brand

authority dog food
authority dog food

Deciding to switch your dog to an Authority brand dog food is a great choice for their health and well-being. However, you’ll want to transition them gradually to avoid digestive upset. Here are some tips to help make the switch:

Start by mixing a little of the new Authority food in with your dog’s current food. For the first 3-4 days, do 25% new food and 75% current food. Then move to 50/50 for another few days. Finally, do 75% new food and 25% current food for another 3-4 days. At this point, your dog should be ready to move completely to the new Authority brand dog food. Go slowly and watch your dog to make sure they don’t show any signs of digestive issues. If they do, you may need to extend the transition period.

Be sure to also consider your dog’s age, size, activity level and any medical conditions when choosing an Authority formula. They offer options for puppies, adults and seniors as well as large breed and small breed dogs. They also have grain-free, limited ingredient and prescription diets for dogs with allergies or other health issues. Your vet can recommend an Authority formula that will meet your dog’s unique nutritional requirements.

Once your dog has transitioned, follow the feeding recommendations on the packaging based on their age and size. Most dogs do well with two meals a day. Always have fresh, clean water available for your dog as well. Measure out portions carefully and don’t leave food out all the time.

Sticking to a regular feeding schedule will help your dog get into a healthy routine. Watch your dog after switching to make sure they are eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, and their stool looks normal. If you notice any issues, consult your vet. They may want to recheck your dog or possibly adjust the amount you’re feeding.

By following these tips and choosing a high-quality Authority dog food formulated for your dog’s needs, you’ll be providing them premium nutrition to support a long, healthy and happy life. Your dog is sure to thrive on their new Authority brand dog food bag.

Authority Dog Food FAQs

So you’ve decided to feed your dog Authority dog food. Great choice! Authority is a reputable brand that offers high-quality nutrition for dogs of all life stages. However, with so many options to choose from, you probably have some questions. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Authority dog food.

What types of Authority dog food are there?

Authority offers formulas for puppies, adults, weight management, large breeds, small breeds, and senior dogs. They also have options for sensitive skin and stomach, limited ingredient, grain-free, and high-protein diets. No matter your dog’s needs, there’s an Authority formula to suit them.

What are the first ingredients in Authority dog food?

Authority dog food features high-quality, natural ingredients with an animal protein source like chicken, lamb, or fish meal as the first ingredient. Whole grains, veggies, and supplements are also included to provide balanced nutrition. Artificial additives are kept to a minimum.

Is Authority dog food safe?

Yes, Authority dog food is safe for dogs. All formulas meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for complete and balanced nutrition. Authority also rigorously tests all ingredients and finished products to ensure safety and quality.

How much Authority dog food should I feed my dog?

The amount you feed will depend on your dog’s age, size, activity level, and the specific formula you’re using. Always follow the feeding guidelines on the packaging, which provide recommended amounts based on your dog’s weight. You may need to adjust up or down from there to maintain your dog’s ideal body condition. It’s best to measure out portions rather than leaving food out all the time.

Where can I buy Authority dog food?

Authority dog food is available at major pet retailers like PetSmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus and You may also find it at select grocery stores and pet boutiques. For the largest selection, shop online or visit your local pet store.

By choosing a high-quality dog food like Authority and following the feeding guidelines, you can feel good knowing your dog’s nutritional needs are being met. But if you have any other questions, be sure to talk to your vet. They can provide recommendations for the best Authority formula and amount for your dog based on their unique needs.

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